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It is been revealed today that the Louisiana State Police Superintendent has signed a reciprocity agreement with the State of Florida that will render non resident Florida concealed handgun permits invalid.  All Louisiana residents who were carrying legally on a Florida non-resident handgun permit is now potentially carrying illegally.  The reciprocity agreement ahs come to light apparently through a Freedom of Information Act request directed to Florida.  Ia confirmed the intention of the State Police to invalidate ALL Florida non resident permits in Louisiana through this secret agreement.  The Louisiana State Police website has been updated as of today to state that non resident Florida permits are now longer recognized.

We are moving to deal with this attempt to criminalize a large portion of the Louisiana population who have been carrying with a Florida non-resident permit but it is apparent that the State Police intend to countermand the statute which states that Louisiana will recognize any permit issued by a state that also recognizes the Louisiana permit.  In the meantime you should be aware and advise anyone you know who has a Florida non-resident permit that it is now invalid in the opinion of the Louisiana State Police.  Until we resolve this attempt to circumvent the clear wording of the statute you will have to choose whether to carry openly and risk confrontation from the police, carry concealed and risk arrest or go defenseless.
In my conversation today with Sergeant Reavis at the State Police he stated that there were more Florida non-resident permits in Louisiana than there were Louisiana resident permits, that they could not "monitor" these people and did not have any "control" over their training.  The quotes in the previous sentence are quotes, those were the exact words used.
A more detailed letter will follow on this issue.  We will be discussing this development together with several other problems that have arisen at our club membership meeting on November 10.
Tomorrow we go to the polls to vote on a Supreme Court justice.  One candidate has cited his experience as a police detective, prosecutor and judge.  A serious question should arise as to the alignment  of that new Supreme Court Justice when it comes time to decide whether he sides with the citizens of this state or the government.
From president of Ruston gun club