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Minutes of January 4, 2015 Meeting

Meeting of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

January 4, 2015

Bass Pro, Little Rock, Arkansas


The meeting was called to order by Chuck Gaines.In attendance was Ken Fairless, Ann Fairless, Chuck Gaines, Gary Jobe, Paul Davis, David McClellan, David Schafer, Mike Darder, Mark Wassner, Rick Furr, James Taylor, J. Al. Alberius, Mike Nevins, James AW. Harris, and Hammond Satterfield.


Minutes from last meeting were read and approved as read. Motion made and accepted to accept as given.


The ad that ARPA ran in the Arkansas Democrat from results of survey was shown


Ann said stickers and patches had been mailed. Satterfield said at last meeting we needed a brochure. Gave out samples of brochure and asked  for comments.


Mentioned that NRA membership is necessary for membership in ARPA.


Talked about that we are the licensing for NRA matches.


Upcoming FNRA meeting on Jan 17-18 in Hot Springs which will include the Grant Meeting for fund distribution. ARPA agreed in 2014 that we would accept grants for distribution under our tax exempt status. IE, 4H Shooting Clubs or Boy Scouts.


Chuck said all our leadership positions are filled.


Chuck talked about what is our stance on the Gun Carry Law. That we need to clarify the law about open carry. We talked about how we should go about presenting this to our legislature. Decided we needed to do a cohesive statement so that we all can present the same stance. Mark Wassner and Hammond Satterfield were to work on that.


ARPA wants to go to the legislature to claify 746 as to the status of open carry and expand the law to stand the ground such that it establishes whether we are consituational an open carry state. Motion made and seconded., All in favor and motion passed.


ARPA makes a motion to clarify 746 and stand your ground law.


Brought up life time membership. Decided that we would not have a life time membership.


At the next meeting 3 M-1 Grands will be bid upon. Motion made to start bids at $700. Bids to be sealed and sent to secretary/treasurer. Bids will be individualized as to each gun.


Gary Jobe presented Youth Shooting. BB gun program. 3-position air rifle program. State air rifle program. CMP is wanting a state team to represent Arkansas at National event, Ask Ken about  new State Junior Youth Rifle Team. We have the equipment to start 3 teams. Junior Hi-Power Rifle Program.


We need to raise some money to help sponsor these programs.


Motion made to give $400 to club for BB Gun competition. BB Gun ccompetition will be Feb 5-6. Motion made and seconded.


CMP will sell us a gun for $200 . Need a letter sent to CMP. Chuck said he would draft letter.


Next meeting March 29th.


Chuck adjourned meeting.