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Minutes of October 10, 2014 Meeting

Meeting of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

October 5, 2014

Bass Pro, Little Rock, Arkansas


The meeting was called to order by Chuck Gaines


In attendance were Ken Fairless, Ann Fairless, Chuck Gaines, Hammond Satterfield (guest), Paul Davis, David McClellan, Mike Dardin, Andre McNeil, James W. Harris, Roger and Dawn Gray, Joe H. Burnett, Sam Pinney (guest), J. Al  Alberius.


Minutes from last meeting were read and approved as read.


Chuck explained history of getting patches and stickers. Chuck explained our part of backing the 4-H Clubs. It has been confirmed that we are a 501c3 organization. Discussion on the survey we sent out to polititian. How to publish our backing of candidates. Need to do ad in 2-3 weeks.


Action on Stand Your Ground and Open Carry License. We are not behind constitutional open carry. We want a license to carry Open. We are not behind 746. It nullified the constitutional law. 


We think we should go after a stand your ground law. And support an open carry license. We should go after both. Paul Davis made a motion to present to our legislature literature showing what is passed in the neighboring states. We are for hand guns only. Then it was brought up that we need to be careful we do not step on hunters rights. Go for our Open Hand Gun Rights and then go after stand Your Ground Law. Chuck is going to get the Tennessee law and email it to the members. You will have a time to approve it. Ann made motion for Chuck to get Tennessee law and publish it and Al Alberious seconded.


We discussed our Facebook page. Chuck needs to be able to have administrative rights to it. And we are trying to get rights to it made


Brought up issue of officers we have. And we need to replace some. Somebody needs to volunteer to become vice president., Paul made motion for Ken Fairless to be Vice President. Chuck seconded. Motion made to make Gary Jobe head of youth shooting if he will do it. Ken seconded., The last position is NRA liaizon., Ken made motion and Paul seconded.


We have our guns but no one is using them. Gary Jobe would like to have the guns back and would take care of them. The guns are on loan only. Al Alberious made motionfor gun to be loaned out on one year loan. Written receipt would be required. Paul David made motion to sale M-1 and invest in air rifles. Seconded by Al Alberious., Discussion on whether to run raffle,.


Paul Davis made motion to offer guns to members first. Alberious seconded. When motion went for vote Ken voted against it and suggested a raffle. Discussion was held. Motion make for Al, Chuck and Andre make list of guns get prices and bring it back to the next meeting.

We need to get ourselves out there and discussing gun rights with the public and legislatures.


Discussion was held on where to have meetings. After discussion group wanted to limit meetings to central Arkansas. Paul made motion to maintain meetings at Bass Pro. Joe Burnett seconded.


Al Alberious wanted to know if we could have a life-time membership. It was decided at this time it was not feasible.,


Ken made motion to make brochure and to have art work at next meeting. Seconded by Al Alberious.


Ann Fairless