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Minutes March  2, 2014 Meeting

Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association
March 2, 2014 Meeting
Bass Pro, Frontage Road, Little Rock, Arkansas

The meeting was called to order by Chuck Gaines.
Chuck Gaines introduced himself and said we were trying to get more people interested in our fight to uphold our 2nd amendment rights.

Roll was not call in favor of taking names from sign-in sheet. In attendance were Ken Fairless, Jim Lee, Paul Davis, David McClellan, Mike Nevins, James W. Harris, Chuck Gaines, Ann Fairless, James Taylor, Ann Clemmer and Alex Reed.

Minutes were read and accepted as written and handed out.

Chuck said we need to get more active on Gun Carry Laws. A discussion was held about what different counties would prosecute as open carry. Chuck would like to see us get a bill that clarifies open carry and define a journey. Stand your ground law also needs clarification.

Ann Clemmer, who is running for US Congress and is now a State Rep in Saline County spoke about her stand on gun rights. In our question and answer session with her it was brought up that we would like to know how all the candidates stand on the second amendment. Ann said we could send a survey out to everyone running and that the following Monday was the deadline for filing to run for office.

Motion to make up a committee to make up survey Motion make and approved. Ann Clemmer said to ask if candidate has filled out NRA questionnaire. We need to ask candidates to write a two paragraph essay on their view. David McClellan, James Lee and Chuck Gaines will make up the committee.

Concern over getting new members. Our web site needs to have a place to voice comments on web site and a notification will be sent to all who are members. It was said that we need to have a Facebook page (which Ann later told them we had). Also we need our web site to be more active and up to date.

James Lee was appointed in charge of Facebook page.

We are going to sponsor a Harley Poker Run. Run should be May 10th.

Chuck Gaines made a recommendation for meeting to be adjourned. Seconded by Ann Fairless.

Ann Fairless,