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Minutes December of  13, 2013 Meeting

Meeting of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

December 14, 2013

Stoby’s, Conway, Arkansas



The meeting was called to order by William Ake.


In attendance Ken Fairless, Ann Fairless, William Ake, Jim and Edith Smith, Charles Gaines, Andre McNeil, and Jim Harris.


Minutes from last meeting were read and approved as read.


Letter was read from Arkansas BB/Air Gum Program asking that we continue to sponsor their program. In the past we have given them $350 a year. It was recommended by Ken Fairless that we give them $500 this year. After asking what was our balance was and being told $3991.64 in the bank Charles Gaines seconded the recommendation.   A check will be cut for $500 and sent to the club.


It was reported that Gary Jobe has the Anschutz 22s and will bring them into River City Pawn Shop. It was also recommended that a complete inventory of the guns belonging to the club needs to be prepared.


Ann Fairless brought up need to elect a new president since William Ake is resigning due to health issues,. Charles Gaines was nominated by Ann and seconded by Andre McNeil.


A discussion was held about holding a motorcycle rally in April. Members will work on this.


The membership was reminded to keep in contact with legislature members.


It was recommended that meeting be held in February or March before the motorcycle rally.


Ann Fairless recommended that the meeting be adjourned and seconded by Ken Fairless.




Ann Fairless