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Minutes of February 3, 2013 Meeting

2013 Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

February 3, 2013

New China Restaurant, Conway, Arkansas


The meeting called to order by David Joyner


Roll was not call in favor of taking names from tickets for lunch plus 2 who did not eat and are not members. Attending was David Baker, Ken Fairless, Ann Fairless, Mark Woodfield, Greg Stephens, Ted Smethers, Andre McNeil, William Ake, Mark Wassner, Paul Davis, Craig Morris, Mike Nevins, David Joyner, Paul Gray, Linda Gray, Michael Dardin.


Minutes from last meeting handed out. Paul Davis made a motion to accept the minutes as handed out, motion was seconded by Greg Stephens.


Report from treasurer that there is $4781.86 in the bank and we will deposit money from today.

It was asked how many people on rolls and answered 185.


David said Arkansas Rifle and Pistol now has a web page. All of us need to sign on and like to be able to change the name so people will find it by typing in ARPA. Discussion on who can get on there to post. Decision was to leave it open until we have a problem. Facebook address at present is Arkansas Rifle and Pistol Association. Roger has hooked it to our web site. David says he has Facebook page if you would like to connect to him. We have 19 likes at this time.


Motion to keep the present slate of officers for another year. Motion proposed by Paul Davis seconded by Roger Gray. David Joyner said he would be glad to continue on but that he was very busy with other activities, Motion was amended by Paul Davis to accept the nomination by Mike Nevens of William Ake as president and seconded by Ken Fairless. The hand vote was called and  it was a unanimous vote to accept the officers with the change of president.


Election of Competition Chair: Mike Nevins nominated Paul Davis and seconded by Greg Stephens. So voted.


Youth committee: Nomination by Mike Nevins for Gary Jobe to continue. Seconded by Paul Davis. So voted


Legislative Committee Nomination of Ken Fairless Ken nominated by Mike Nevins. Greg Stephens seconded. So voted.


By Laws Committee: Paul David nominated Mike Nevins. Greg Stephens seconded. So voted.


Grants and Communications: Presently Dane Cowlin holds the position along with Roger Gray as Web Master. Mark Woodfield made recomendation for Greg Stephens to also be included and Andre McNeil seconded. So voted.

The $1000 that was going to be presented to person who brings in the most new members was discussed. Ann Fairless recommend we recend that and seconded by Ken Fairless. So voted.


In the past we have sponsored the trophies for the The Arkansas State BB Championship. Roger Gray recommended we pay this. 150 kids were in match. It was decided we will pay $350.00 to cover trophies. Move to cover like amount for next year up to 10% more recommended by Mike Nevins. Roger Gray spoke for it along with Mark Wassner. Greg Stephens seconded. Vote called for and carried.


Friends of the NRA support up to $100 for each of the Friends of the NRA events in the year. Either in advertising or to have an item to auction off. Motion made by Mike Nevins. Seconded by Craig Morris. It was discussed about what we would get for our $100. Greg said we could get a flag box, put a flag in the box, and there is a gun woodworking set that we could get. All events could be covered for  $800. Ken Fairless recommended we get the Arkansas Flag flown on the capital and it was said that the Legislative Committee would handle that. A Mike Nevins amended motion to maximum of $1000 for state wide sponsorship for the friends of the NRA events for calendar year 2013. Craig Morris seconded. Greg Stephens abstained. Motion passed.


Recommended that we do a member drawing on a rifle. With every membership we get in 2013 the member gets one ticket for the drawing. Paul Davis made motion that one year membership to be given with one chance on a gun. What rifle is to be decided on by the officers. It was decided that no more than $750 be spent on gun. All active members in 2013 get one chance in raffle year ending December 31, 2013 and drawn at next annual meeting. Greg Stevens seconded.


Second Amendment Poker Run: If you join up the ride then you become a member. Does this group want to do this? $25 was recommended as fee to participate. Paul Davis made a motion that a committee be formed and the committee be given $1000 to do this event. Roger Gray seconded. Vote was taken about advertising in the national magazine. Committee: Joe Burnett, Greg Stephens, Mike Nevins, and Ken Fairless are on the committee. Mike Nevins recommended that Chuck Gains and David Hawks non-members also be asked to help committee.


Ann Fairless said out of the treasury she would be writing her stipend of $500. Also she would write the check for $350 for the sponsorship of the Arkansas State BB Championship.


Roger Gray made motion to get a banner for no more than $200 to be used at events. Paul Davis seconded. Motion carried.


Recommendation that meeting be adjourned.  Joe Burnett first, seconded by Mark Wassner. Vote passed. Meeting ended at 2:47 pm


$340 was taken in at meeting from dues. Since the restaurant informed us we could not give them a check Greg and Ann decided to pay restaurant out of funds collected. $180 was paid to restaurant for meals plus tax. Ann will deposit the other $160 into the bank account


Ann Fairless