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Minutes of January 22, 2012 Meeting

2012 Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

January 22, 2012

Microtel Inn and Suites, Sanders Road, Conway, Arkansas


The meeting was called to order by president David Joyner


Meeting attended by David Joyner, John Malinowski, Ken Fairless, Ann Fairless, James Taylor, William Ake, Nancy and Mike Nevins, Roger Gray, Greg, Dane Cowling, Joe Burnett


Minutes from last meeting were presented. The motion was made and seconded to accept them as presented.


Discussion on by-laws questioned by John Malinowski. By-laws accepted.


Ken Fairless brought up Arkansas Concealed Carry Association and our relationship with them. It was recommended that we renew our membership with them. The motion was made and seconded that the membership be renewed and the fee of $30 paid.


Roger Gray is the one to contact for web changes. Roger is to take information from David, Ann or Dane. It was recommended that we have a master calendar listing events coming up and that we have a link to NRA events.  Roger talked about the problem in changing a calendar and that he can’t put information on the web site if he doesn’t get the information. It was agreed that information on dates and events will be passed to Dane and he will pass it on to Roger. Motion made and seconded that payment for the web site be made when needed.


Letter read by David Joyner from Gary Job asking for money to cover funding for trophies and awards for the Arkansas BB Gun Program in the amount made of $350.00. Mike Nevins made the motion, seconded by Roger Gray to pay the$350.00.


Secretary/Treasurer reported that as of 1/20/2012 we had $4940.46. Presented was that the stipend of $500 for the secretary needs to be paid/treasurer 2011. The motion was made and seconded that the stipend be paid.


Roger Gray asked for pictures from the Arkansas State BB Match or any events be sent to him to post on the web site.


Discussion about needing to update emails, phone numbers, etc. to get new members and to update members. Do we want to send another mailer? Do we need to plan a shoot? State wide shooting date?  Everybody available was tasked to contact a gun club or new people to recruit them as a member of ARPA. Recommended was setting up at gun shows to recruit new members. It was recommended that when we get gun clubs as members we develop and send them a certificate that can be posted on their wall.


 Greg Stevens was introduced as the new Arkansas NRA Representative.


Roger Gray said he gets a lot of information on Arkansas Shooter.


Recommendation of June 10th 1:00. Location to be announced.  Motion made and seconded that date be accept. Site to be announced later.


Roger Gray asked that by-laws be sent to him for posting on the web-site.


Recommendation was made that if corporate members get us members we give the corporation a discount on their next membership fee. There was a discussion of whether we need to change the by-laws to be able to make a discount on the corporation’s next membership fee. Mike Nevins is going to take on looking at what we need to do to by-laws,


Discussion of Gun Clubs to contact.


Recommended that meeting be adjourned. Ken made the motion and it was seconded by Dane.



Presentedd by Ann Fairless

Secretary/Treasurer ARPA Association