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Minutes of February 19, 2011 Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

February 19, 2011

Denny's Conway, AR



Attending:  Dane Cowling, Mark Wassner, Dennis Shea, Ken Buster, David Joyner, John Malinowski, Ken Fairless, Ann Fairless, Nancy Nevins, Mike Nevins, Joe Burnett, Jason Wilkinson, Andre McNeil, James Taylor, Roger Gray, Dawn Gray, and Michelle Hunter


Meeting called to order by President David Joyner.

Motion mdde and second to accept the minutes of the previous eeeting with a correction to the date.
Motion passed.

Motion made and seconded to reimburse the NRA $1041.81 for unused grant money and to pay the 2010 salary for Treasurer Nancy Nevins. Moption Passed.

Bylaw changes: Mike Nevins discussed the by-law changes proposed by the committee at the previous meeting. All changes have been incorpotaded into the current copy of the by-law with the exception of moving the Grants Comittee to a subcommittee of the Budget and Finance committee. The proposed bylaws changed the organization from the Regional Representative system back to the Committee system.

Motion made and seconded toaccept the byulaw changes with the correction of moving the Grants Comittee to a subcommittee of the Budget and Finance committee.
Motion Carried

Turkey Shoot: It was decided that the time frame was too short to allow for a successful turkey shoot to be held the original date of April 2, 2011.


Motion made and seconded that the ARPS would have a combination Turkey Shoot/open house/range day at the Cleburne County Shooting Club. The Association will also encourage other shooting clubs with range day/open house/family day to also have an ARPA sponsored Range Appreciation Day. The clubs agree to make available to attendees ARPA membership material. The typical dates for range day for shooting clubs are in September/October. Appropriate committes will take care of publicity and organization. Motion Passed

Cleburne County Shooting Club website:

The passage of the new bylaws necessitated the election of new officers. New officers are:

President: David Joyner
Vice President: John Malinowski
Secretary/Treasurer: Ann Fairless

Committee Chairmen:

    Competition - Ken Buster
    Youth - Gary Jobe
    Women -
    Membership/Communications - Dane Cowling
    Webmaster - Roger Gray
    Legislative - No active committee
    Bylaws - Mike Nevins

Motion made, seconded and passed toelect the above individuals to the respective committee positions.

Jason Wilkinson representative from the Arkansas Concealed Carry Association indicated that he would be willing to continue to provide updates and information on current gun legislation but would not be involved in lobbying on behalf of ARPA. Motion made and seconded thatwe continue our association with AARCA. Motion passed.

Jason Wilkinson contact information: arkansaschl [at] To check on gun legislation - go to Arkansas State to Legislative website, click on Recently Filed Bills.

Funding Request:

Motion made and seconded thatwe approve the grant request by Gary Jobe for $275.00. Motion passed.
The lack of instructor counselor in the state of Arkansas, othan Al Alberius whose health is failing, was discussed. Ken Buster will follow up with Al to check the status of the class he is scheduling for counselors.

Meeting adjourned