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Minutes of August 29, 2010 Meeting

Meeting of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association

August 29, 2010

Conway, AR



Present:  David Joyner, John Malinowski, James Taylor, Ken Fairless, Ann Fairless, Mike Nevins, Ken Buster, Roy Simmons, Dane Cowling and Nancy Nevins


Meeting opened with treasurer’s report:  Bank balance as of 7/31/10   $6,192.95


Mike Nevins discussed a brief recent history of ARPA to introduce the discussion of the changes in by-laws to facilitate growth.  The proposed changes would eliminate the 8 regional directors and change the composition of the Board of Directors to the nine committee chairmen, one director at large, and the organization officers (president, vice president, secretary/treasurer).


Motion made and seconded to make the Grant committee a subcommittee of the Budget and Finance committee.  Motion passed.


Motion made and seconded that the membership and communications committees be combined.  The webmaster will be part of the committee.  Motion passed.


Per committee discussion, Mike Nevins will make the following changes to the draft of the proposed changes and present the by-law changes to the general membership at the annual meeting:  Move section 6031 to 603A.  Move sections E & F to B & C.


Possible methods of increasing membership were discussed.


John Malinowski made the motion that ARPA maintain a master calendar for all shooting events on the website.  Motion seconded and passed.  Nancy Nevins will contact Roger Gray, webmaster, about setting up the calendar so that members may add information as it becomes available.


Dane Cowling made the motion that we plan a turkey shoot in April and a range day in September/October (2011) (date depending on available dates & conflicts), motion seconded.  Motion passed.  Committee for turkey shoot:  Ken Buster, Ken Fairless and Mike Nevins.


Motion made & seconded that the president and vice president make arrangements for the fall meeting to be held electronically.  Motion passed.


Motion made and seconded that we open a new PO Box in Clarksville, AR.  Motion passed.  Nancy and/or Mike Nevins will make arrangements for the new box.  The new address will be posted on the website.


Motion made & seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion passed.


Nancy Nevins