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Minutes of May 22, 2010 Meeting

Quarterly meeting of the ARPA

May 22, 2010

Knights of Columbus Hall

Hot Springs, AR

Attending: Ken Fairless, Brenda Donaldson, David Joyner, Joe Burnett, Mike Nevins, Nancy Nevins, Bob Sailer, Don Moody, Tom Sackett, James Taylor. Number of members present certified as a quorum for voting purposes by Secretary/Treasurer N Nevins.


Mike Nevins was delegated to conduct the meeting by Nancy Nevins, Secretary/Treasurer as the only

current officer present. Meeting called to order.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read by Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Nevins.


Motion made & seconded to accept the minutes as read.


With only two regional representatives present, a motion was made & seconded to dispense with the

regional updates.


Per ARPA by-laws, David Joyner and John Malinowski had previously been nominated to fill the

positions of President and Vice President, respectively, until annual elections in January. No other

nominations were made from the floor. Motion was made and seconded to elect David Joyner as

President and John Malinowski as vice president. Motion passed unanimously.


Update on membership mailer—ARPA will add a membership recruitment flier to a mailer sent out by

the Arkansas Friends of NRA. The mailer will be sent to approximately 16,000 names. Cost of the mailer and a portion of the postage was paid for by a NRA grant.


Possible ways of getting ARPA programs started were discussed. It was suggested that the organization return to the committee-type organization. Motion was made and seconded to task a committee composed of our current officers plus anyone else interested to study our committee bylaw structure and program system. David Joyner will contact officers for input and participation. Motion passed.


David Joyner will contact Dane Cowling for his input on a website upgrade. We have a current budget of $875 from the NRA grant for website upgrades.


Next meeting Saturday, August 28 7:00PM after the gun show at the fairgrounds. Joe Burnett & Brenda Donaldson will research location for the meeting. David Joyner will contact Dane Cowling (Membership Chairman) about setting up a table at the gun show.


The annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual FNRA meeting January 2011.


Meeting adjourned.

Nancy Nevins