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Minutes of October 18, 2009 Meeting

October 18, 2009
Jacksonville, AR

ARPA quarterly meeting held Sunday, October 18, 2009 at the Jacksonville Military Museum.


Directors meeting of the ARPA


Present:  Mike Nevins, John Malinowski, Ken Fairless, Al Alberius, James Taylor, Dane Cowling, Joey Hargrove, and Nancy Nevins:


Meeting called to order by president Al Alberius.  Due to light attendance the directors meeting was held concurrently.


Treasurers report:  current checking account balance $5,178.96


Al Alberius reported that Major Victor Marcelle and MSGT Daniel Norwood will receive certificates of appreciation for their help with the Junior High Powered Rifle Training.


ARPA received a plaque from Arkansas 4-H in appreciation for their contribution to YHEC.


Woody Daniel will store the M-1 rifles.  James Taylor will relay the rifles to Woody.  He will sign the receipts & return them to Al. 


ARPA has received the grant check from clubs & associations department of the NRA in the amount of $9,192.69.  All items on the grant application were approved except the money for meeting room rental and the Secretary/Treasurer’s salary.


Dane Cowling was introduced and voted in as Membership Director.


A portion of the grant received from NRA was for upgrading the ARPA website.  Several possibilities for the update were discussed-- about enabling directors to post regional wide info on the web page, should we set up a blog? Dane Cowling has the capability to update the web page but needs guidance as to what the page should contain and will need to work with Roger on the implementation.

Motion made to empower Al to contact Roger to ascertain how involved he would like to be in the further development of the web page. Motion seconded and carried.


Discussion of ways to increase attendance at ARPA meetings:  hold the meetings at a sight with the possibility of shooting activities---Ken Fairless will talk to range master at Mayflower about using the range at the Game & Fish facility.  Al Alberius will contact the C. A. Vines Center, Ferndale about having a meeting at the Vines Center. 


Update of IRS tax situation---we have the name of a CPA that will be able to help with the tax determination.  Mike Nevins will contact the CPA to work on the 501(c)3 determination.


Motion made & carried that current regional directors in Regions 2,4,6 & 8 be nominated the fill those positions again.  They will be presented at the general annual meeting on January 17 for election


Al Alberius has a supply of patches & buttons.  Suggestion was made that a patch & button be given away with each membership sold at a gun show.


Motion made to purchase up to $75 worth of PVC to build a frame for the banner.  Motion seconded, motion carried.  Joey Hargrove will build the frame.


Discussion of a range day.  Mike Nevins presented the organization & coordination of a state wide range day.  The issue was tabled without action.  It will be included in the power point presentation for the annual meeting.


Motion made and seconded that the annual meeting be held on the afternoon of the Friends of NRA grants meeting, January 17, a lunch & learn format. Motion made & second that up to $400 be allowed for the purchase of a firearm for an attendance prize at the annual meeting.  Dane Cowling and John Malinowski will make power point presentation at the annual meeting on the ARPA.  Motions carried.


The next meeting will be the annual meeting, Sunday, January 17, 2010 at the Faulkner County Conservation Center, Conway, AR.   


Motion to adjourn made and seconded, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 2:50P.


Nancy Nevins