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Minutes of April 19, 2009 Meeting

April 19, 2009
Jacksonville, AR

Meeting of the ARPA, April 19, 2009  Jacksonville Military Museum, Jacksonville, AR

Directors meeting:  Present:  Al Alberius, Paul Davis, Robert Daniels, Roger Gray, Mike Nevins, John Malinowski, Ken Fairless, James Taylor and Nancy Nevins.

Several items were discussed before presentation to the membership at the general meeting:

Motion was made and seconded for Michele Hunter to be installed as a Regional Representative for Region 6.  Motion approved.

Al Alberius has been making arrangements for marksmanship training for Junior Rifle Shooters by the National Guard Marksmanship Training unit at Camp Robinson.  The training will be June 13, 2009.  Robert Daniels will research types of shooting teams & get info to R Gray to post on the web site.

YHEC—Motion made and seconded to present to the general membership the question of giving YHEC $500.  Motion carried.

Motion made & carried that John Malinowski be installed as Regional Director for Region 5.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Nancy Nevins