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Minutes of January 11, 2009 Meeting

Annual meeting of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association
held at the Jacksonville Military Museum,
January 11, 2009

Meeting called to order by interim president, Al Alberius, with 32 people in attendance.

Meeting opened with prayer and the pledge of allegiance.

Summary of last 2 meeting minutes read.  Motion made & seconded to accept the summary

Interim president Alberius read the bylaws

Following changes will be incorporated

3.04 Section D requires NRA membership

3.06 Executive committee should be changed to Board of Directors

3.06B In order to participate in a state championship match, the individual must be an ARPA member.  Eliminate words—“or a member of an association club”

Motion made to accept the revised by laws with the above changes was made by Paul Davis, seconded by Ken Buster.  Motion carried.

Ken Buster made the motion that the interim officers, except Ron Hall who was not in attendance, be installed. Seconded by Roger Gray, Motion carried.

Remaining Regional Rep/Board of Director positions will be filled by:

Region 3 -- James Taylor.

Region 6  --  Paul Davis will cover Region 6 as well as 8,  Paul will try to recruit someone from Mountain Valley to fill position

Region 7 --  position left open, Al will attempt to fill position

Motion made by Paul Davis that the above individuals be accepted as Regional Representatives.  Second by K Buster.  Motion carried

Remaining board positions that are open:  Membership, Bylaws and Women Programs. 

Paul Davis made the motion with second that the filling of the 3 remaining board positions be tabled until the next meeting.

Membership drive.  Mike Nevins presented information on membership raffle.  With each $20 membership purchased, the individual will receive 1 ticket on a M&P AR-15.  Paul Davis made motion to accept membership raffle with a cutoff date of 7-31-09.  Second made.  Motion passed.

Jason Wilkinson, executive VP, Arkansas Concealed Carry Association took over the legislative action by default because ARPA was not functioning.  Beverly Pyron is proposing that churches be eliminated from the no carry areas. 

Jason Wilkinson  was nominated to fill the position as chairman of the Legislative Action committee.  Motion made & seconded.  Jason accepted position.

Memberships received:  25 regular, 4 5-year, 1 club, 1 organizational and 1 existing 5 year.

Tentative date for next meeting, April 19, 2:00PM, Jacksonville Military Museum.

Cash paid out:  Al Alberius--$524.82 ($100 rental of JMoMH; $424.82  copies)
                        Nancy Nevins--$219.48 (copies, postage, raffle tickets, food for meeting)

 Meeting adjourned. 4:00PM

Nancy J. Nevins