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Minutes of November 22, 2008 Meeting

November 22, 1008
Conway, AR

Leadership meeting for the purpose of preparing for the January Annual Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association Meeting.

In Attendance:  Al Alberius, Paul Davis, Ken Buster, Ron Hall, Bill Beatty, Roger Gray, Ryan McAfee, Ken Fairless, Gary Jobe, Mike Nevins, Nancy Nevins

Meeting called to order by President, Al Alberius.  Meeting opened with prayer and Pledge of Allegiance

By discussion, the group agreed that the ARPA required significant change to its structure and bylaws in order to re-activate and fulfill its mission.

Topic:  Change in the Board of Directors, creating 8 regions

Discussion:  Arkansas has been divided into 8 regions.  Each region will have a regional representative who will be responsible for coordinating all events (competitive shoots, women on target, Eddie Eagle, youth shoots etc) in the region and communicating with the Board of Directors concerning his/her particular region.

The following temporary regional representatives have volunteered or will be asked to contact people in their regions concerning the January annual meeting:

            Region 1        
Region 2---Ken Buster will contact Robert Daniels
            Region 3---Ron Hall
            Region 4---Ken Buster
            Region 5---Gary Jobe
            Region 6---
            Region 7---
            Region 8---Paul Davis

Websites to check for listing of state clubs:;;; and

Al Alberius will write duties & responsibilities descriptions for the regional representative position.

Resolution: Motion was made and seconded to create the 8 regions in Arkansas with each region to have 1 regional representative.  Motion carried.

Topic:  Arkansas Concealed Carry Association

Discussion:  Concern was expressed about the statement on the ARCCA website that “ARCCA is an offshoot of, and has taken over the legislative action duties of the Arkansas Rifle and Pistol Association”.  Group discussed recent legislative inactivity of ARPA and possible future relationship with ARCCA after reactivation of ARPA.  Bill Beatty volunteered to talk to ARCCA officers and ask them to attend the January meeting.

Bill Beatty will contact ARCCA

Resolution:  None

Topic:  Website

Discussion:  Roger Gray will serve as webmaster and as such will be responsible for adding/deleting material on the website.  Members are to forward via e-mail all pertinent information to Roger.

The ARPA needs to renew its domain name for another 2 years.  Roger volunteered to take care of this with a personal credit card since renewal by check is difficult

Roger to maintain website & renew domain name

Resolution:  Motion made & seconded to renew domain name and to reimburse Roger Gray for renewal fees.

Topic:  Dues

Discussion:  The following dues schedule will become effective after the January meeting:
$20 Voting Member
            $50 Club
            $10 Non-Voting
            $5   Match
            $75 Five Year Voting
            $50 Corporate
            $5   Junior
            $10 Non Resident

 Resolution:  Motion made & seconded to accept the above dues schedule.  Motion carried:

Topic:  January Annual Meeting

Discussion:  Meeting will be held January 11 at the Firearms Museum in Jacksonville at 2:00PM.  Soft drinks and water will be provided, no meal.

Mike Nevins volunteered to revise the current bylaws.  Revision will be sent to committee members who are to review them and return comments to Mike within 48 hours of receipt.  After revisions are complete, old bylaws and revised bylaws will be posted on website before December 11 to maximize notice of the meeting.

Everyone attending the January meeting will be extended voting privileges for that period of time.  The revised bylaws will be presented for vote of acceptance.  If the bylaws are accepted, memberships will be accepted at the close of the meeting. 

Decision made not to mail in hand member list due age of list and expense.

Continuing association with the NRA was discussed.

Gary Jobe will have a notice inserted in the Arkansas Democrat about the January meeting along with the information that the revised bylaws will be posted on the ARPA website by December 11.  Contact with “Wildman” Wilson to disseminate information on January  meeting was discussed.

Gary Jobe—insertion of meeting notice in Democrat Gazette

Mike Nevins-revising bylaws

Resolutions:  Motions made and seconded on: Providing refreshments but not a meal at annual meeting; extending voting privileges to all attendees for the January meeting; ARPA will remain associated with the NRA; Mike Nevins will revise bylaws to have final copy of webmaster before December 11; Gary Jobe will post notice of January annual meeting in Democrat Gazette.  Motions carried.

Topic:  Firearm Storage

Discussion: Al Alberius has possession of the firearms, mats & coats that are property of the ARPA but cannot store them at his home.  Gary Jobe volunteered to store the guns & mats in his gun safes but will be unable to deliver the guns to clubs needing them.  Ken Fairless volunteered to transport from Gart Jobe’s in Rogers to a as yet undecided central location as needed.  Some of the coats in Al’s possession appear to be in such poor condition as to be unusable.

Resolution:  Motion made & seconded that Gary Jobe store the guns in his gun safes and that Al Alberius discard any unusable materials.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Nancy Nevins