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Minutes of September 21, 2008 Meeting
Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association
Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2008

Meeting was called to order by past president and organization custodian John Wallis at
1:00 PM in the Military Museum in Jacksonville, AR. A list of attendees is attahed.
Minutes were kept by Mike Nevins in lieu of Nancy Nevins and greatly aided by Paul Davis.

Each attendee introduced themselves. John Wallis reviewed recent inactivity of the
organization, current status of bank account (about $****.**) and firearms owned by the
orgnization (3 Garads and 12 Anchutz). Due to the extended inactivity of the ARPA.,
John relayed the need for a new leadership group tp move forward or to disband the

Initial discussion among attendees reviewed the history, past successes of the organization
and overview of the ARPA mission. The need for ARPA to serve as a umbrella
organization for gun clubs and firearm owners in Arkansas, proponent for youth shooting,
representative for the NRA, and second amendment and continued presence in
the legislature was reviewed. Concensus was reached that the ARPS should be revitalized
and continued.

Nominations for officer positions were entertained and the following officers were elected
by acclimation after discussion.

President - Al Alberius
Vice President - Fred Buzen
Secretary/Treasurer - Nancy Nevins
Board Member at Large - Ken Fairless

Other positions/officers

Youth Coordinator/Laision - Gary Jobe
Legislative Advisors - Bill Beatty & John Wallis
Legislative Committee Coordinator - Ron Hall
Web Master(s) - Ryan McAfee and Roger Gray

Wallis turned the meeting over to president Al Alberius who lead further discussion on
establishing regional ARPA leaders, the possible range of umbrella organization activities
and these action items.

1) John Wallis atreed to store the ARPA owned guns until other arrantements could be
2) Nancy Nevins will compose and distribute meeting minutes including contact
3) Membership levels and payments were discussed and action delayed until the next
4) John Wallis will transfer organization records to Al Alberius as soon as can be
5) Past secretary/treasurer Bill Beatty transferred transferred member data base to Mike Nevins for
    Nancy Nevins to review and update.
6) Current mailbox in Conway will be maintained.
7) John Wallis, Nancy Nevins and Al Alberius will meet as soon as possible to complete
     new signature card at the bank.
8) Search for ARPA bylaws and transfer to new officers.
9) Notice of new organization activity to shooting clubs in Arkansas as soon as possible.
10) Set next meeting date as January 11, 2009 at 2:00 PM at the Military Museum in

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM.